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Standardized Testing


Standardized testing scores can be a major factor in college admissions decisions. Most colleges will accept either the SAT and the ACT. 

The SAT is a three-hour exam designed to test for general readiness for college-level work. It includes categories of reading, writing and language and mathematics. Register online at

Sections:             Reading:  52 questions, 35 minutes
                             Writing & Language:  44 questions, 35 minutes
                             Mathematics, No calculator:  20 questions, 25 minutes
                             Mathematics, calculator:  38 questions, 35 minutes

Score Range:      400-1600


Registering for the first time

*If registering for Sunday test instead of Saturday, you must:

·       Complete a request online by filling out the SAT Student and Parent Inquiry Form

·       Select Registration and Change Saturday/Sunday Registration for the first and second dropdown menus respectively

  • Upload a signed clergy letter through the form
  • Once you submit the clergy letter, Customer Service will process your request and contact you via email to advise you of your next steps in scheduling your Sunday test
  • Once your Sunday test date is confirmed, print your admission ticket with the Sunday test date

Registering for the Second time

Once you've registered for Sunday testing, you can reregister online or by phone for additional test dates without providing the clergy letter. College Board is no longer accepting paper registrations for SAT Weekend.


The ACT is a two hour and fifty-five minute exam without the essay and three hours and thirty-five minutes with the essay. The test measures your knowledge in various subject matters including English, mathematics, reading, and science, as well as an optional essay portion. Register by mail or at

The primary ACT testing areas are:

English:  75 questions; 45 minutes   

Mathematics:  60 questions; 60 minutes

Reading:  40 questions; 35 minutes

Science:   40 questions; 35 minutes

Writing OPTIONAL:  1 question; 40 minutes

*If registering for Sunday testing instead of Saturday, you register on-line. Please be aware that there are no June test centers in the D/FW area. PLAN AHEAD.