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AYAlways Mishpacha Lag B'Omer Community Carnival
Celebrating Jordana Bernstein’s 27 years of service to AYA in Lag B’omer style.
Rides, games, activities, food, drink, music, fun for everyone.



May 19, 2022

Schultz Rosenberg Campus


“Jordana’s deep understanding of how children learn and grow, the inspiration she instills in their teachers, the love and warmth of Torah she shares with each child and family has been a blessing to AYA.” — Hanna Lambert, AYA Founding Director, Early Childhood Program

Jordana Bernstein

The name Jordana Bernstein is synonymous with Early Childhood.

For 27 years, Akiba Yavneh Academy has been privileged to have Jordana on the team, first as a teacher, and then as our esteemed Director of Early Childhood. Jordana has nurtured countless lives over the years and represents the heart and soul of AYA. Her dedication to Early Childhood Jewish education has been felt by generations of children who had the good fortune to learn from her. Jordana exemplifies what it means to be a leader, teacher, mentor, innovator, and friend.

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“What is so special about my mom, is that she hasn’t just been an example for me and my siblings, she has been a teacher and leader for our entire community.” — Rosie (Bernstein) Greenbaum (‘17)

Committee Chairs

Suzy Davidsohn
Amy Davidsohn Doty

Committee Members

Andi Bonner
Roxy Diamond
Shea Doty
Randy Fischer
Shoshana Eidelman
Miriam Geller
Abby Rohan Goodman
Debbie Gubin
Susan Hall
Merissa Kogutt
Orit Leitman
Chelsea Litoff
Abigayil Maayan
Barel Maayan
Zoe Magid
Kochava Malka
Sara Mancuso
Dara Nathan
Rebecca Nussbaum
Sarah Pailet
Ralph Peterson
Sandy Prager
Michelle Raphael
Miriam Raphael
Lindsey Retan
Elyse Rose
Lisa Rothstein
Sarit Sabo
Jori Sayewitz
Dorit Schonbrunn
Elki Schonbrunn
Alyssa (Gruen) Sicular
Karen Zucker

AYA Administration

Chris Gorycki,
Interim Executive Director

Rabbi Yaakov Green,
Head of School

Rabbi Chanania Engelsman,

Donna Hutcheson,

Danielle Gershon-Rothenberg,

Jordana Bernstein,
ECP Director