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Why Give?

Your support of the Akiba Yavneh Academy demonstrates confidence in the overall mission and goals of the school.  Making a gift to AYA is a statement about your commitment that Jewish students of all backgrounds be inspired to have a lifelong love of Torah and the State of Israel and achieve academic excellence through extraordinary Judaic and general curricula.

Your gift ensures that more students can have access to the opportunities available through an AYA education; your gift ensures that these opportunities remain exceptional and effective. Your gift promotes the belief that the acquisition of all knowledge, both Judaic and general, is profoundly valuable and is essential to the growth of our students.

Your gift inspires lifelong learners whose commitment to the pursuit of knowledge is coupled with a deep passion for scholarship. Your gift ensures a lasting commitment to ethical behavior and the observance of Mitzvot. Your gift develops individuals who possess a strong sense of responsibility to and empathy for Klal Yisrael and our greater society.

Every dollar donated allows AYA to continue to fulfill our mission.

Please consider making a gift to AYA.




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